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Customer Reviews

labman61 from Nebraska

I have worn the Merrells almost everyday for the past 1 1/2 years. They are the most comfortable and durable shoes I have, and they show almost no wear. Only thing not original is replacement laces. I wear these for casual office everyday, as well as weekends. They are still comfortable and great for summer or winter in the snow. Buying another pair to keep on hand - in case they ever get discontinued.

Doc from Columbia, MO

Spent 5 days backpacking in the Medicine Bow area along the North Platte, from 6 mile gap to Picaroon and back. These shoes were fantastic. Tremendous support and great traction along a narrow trail with scree, debre

Continental Divider from Dublin, Ohio

I have only had one occasion to wear the Ventilator. I had heard great things about it so decided to try for myself. On the hike they were fantastic; great traction even on slippery surfaces and wonderful support. But the next day my left sole was very tender. I cannot say that was caused by the shoe (my right felt fine) so I will withhold final judgment until I take the opportunity to wear them another time or two.

Thierry from South Carolina

I use the Moab Ventilator for walking on the beach and day hiking on trails mostly in state and national parks. Wore them on the App Trail in the Smoky Mountains and in the Grand Canyon. Would not recommend for long, serious hiking, but long, serious hikers probably know that.

BWD from Corbin, KY

This is my second pair of Moab Ventilators. My first pair is being "promoted" to a work-around-the-house shoe, not because it is worn out, but because they look used (because they have been used!). I am flat footed, so finding a shoe that is comfortable is a challenge.

Original Junior from Georgia

This is my third pair of Ventilators. I cycle these in with my other ones. I wear Merrells daily and love them. IF you like these try the waterproof versions for the sloppy stuff. Look good in shorts, jeans, or Dockers. I turned my buddies on to these for daily wear. Super comfortable right out of the box. Very stable on rough terrain and dry out easily.

Dog walker in AZ from Arizona

I walk 3-5 +miles every day walking our dog, but my feet were killing me! I've tried numerous pairs of running shoes but couldn't find the support that I needed. I have a pair of the Moab Ventilator hi-tops that I use for hiking and knew that they were great but I wasn't sure about the everyday/city wear. Night and day! Out of the box they were great and my feet haven't given me a problem since!


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